About Me

A Physical Dream Interpreter (is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever said)

For starters, I’m not a zombie. (At least I don’t think so?) I don’t walk around the room with my arms out like a crazy person. This photo is a actually a pretty clear indicator of everything I’m not. What I am is a person that has sleepwalking disorder AND (as an added bonus!) sleep terror disorder. [[This is where I’ll pause so you can all think about the awesome effect that has on my loved ones]]

I am the person you invited to your slumber party when we were younger, only to find me wondering through your kitchen at 3 in the morning. When people tell you not to wake sleep walkers, it’s me they’re warning you about because I’m dreaming that I’m in the middle of an intense Civil War battle.  If I were poetic I’d say that I’m just a physical dream interpreter, but in real life I’m just standing in the middle of my bed fighting off swarms of bees. It’s not an ideal situation for anyone, but it’s funny as hell sometimes.

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my sleep journeys because as I mentioned, sometimes they are ridiculously funny. Sometimes they’re really scary. My sleeping life has gotten to the point where we need to hide the weapons in the house, where I need to make sure I have room to walk around on my side of the bed, and where I should probably never live in a second floor bedroom.

Follow the blog and learn how to live like us night walkers do. It’ll be fun, promise.


And now that we know each other intimately, I need to warn you that while I come off as a rated-G person in waking life, sometimes this blog will dip into R territory. I curse in my dreams, and I’ll curse on this blog occasionally. Shit happens, right?


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