It’s almost 1 and I went to bed 2 hours ago. At 1030 I was a little tired, now I might as well not even be in bed. I should be doing homework.

This is the part about taking Valium that’s confusing. My body feels a little tired, and emotionally I’m ready to sleep. I know I should be sleeping, and the drug has clearly slowed my brain down enough to where I’m no longer running through do-lists in my head.

When I take the Valium and stay up later than I should, my body becomes something like a sleeping bag made of lead. I shouldn’t leave the bed. I shouldn’t operate heavy machinery.

Which is a shame since I was looking forward to trying out that new fork lift tonight.

I get so tired that I lie here begging myself to go to sleep because tomorrow morning will be shitty.

Anyone else awake out there? I hate to Carrie Bradshaw this but if you’re awake (on purpose) and have some tips to help me fall asleep- lay em on me. I’ll be here for a while.

A parting thought, remember those Lunesta commercials when all those pretty night time butterflies would come in through your window and help you sleep? That was such bullshit.