How I’m Not A Doctor

As you may have already realized from my lack of professional, (and sometimes politically incorrect) language, I’m not a doctor. I’ve never trained to be a doctor, I have no experience working in a doctor’s office, and I’ve never even wished or pretended to be one. My severe lack of medical knowledge means that this blog is just for kicks, a fun place to tell you about that time I saw a flying train on my way home from getting a job at Red Robin.

See? Nothing medical here.

While I don’t find many warnings imporant, (I go outside sometimes with wet hair because I can), it’s probably important that you know I’m basically useless when it comes to the medicinal reasons why I do what I do. My sleep specialist diagnosed me with sleepwalking disorder and sleep terror disorder just this past October 2012, so while I’ve been dealing with odd sleep behavior my entire life, I’m just now coming to terms with what it all really means. You know, the bigger picture. For instance, I just discovered this little gem today:

So that’s comforting.

My knowledge of these two disorders comes from three important places if you’d like to look into it more yourself:

  1. *The National Sleep Foundation: Sleepwalking
  2. *The Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders: Sleepwalking Disorder  (Mental disorder! Let’s not go that far)
  3. *My sleep specialist who can make you fall asleep in his office using his mustache
If at any time you want to talk about the crazy stuff you also do at night, send me an email at danielle[at] I’m always interested in trading war stories with fellow nighttimers.


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