When I started my first blog, Yeah, I’d Bake That (a baking blog that’s not so much a baking blog as it is a place where I post other people’s recipes that I find to be delicious) I knew immediatly what I wanted to name it. I knew that the blog wasn’t going to be some nice commentary from a bunch of Mormon sisters talking about their favorite brownies.

chris-farleyIt was most definitely not going to look “fancy”, or have recipes that “were easy”, or use pictures that were taken on a “real camera”. It was going to be a place where I said, “I made this” and that was it. I thought of the name Yeah, I’d Bake That and I’ve had it for almost two years.

Then I wanted to start this blog and all the ideas came rushing to my head except for the title. The dreams were easy enough, they come without asking, and I’ve had enough experiences waking up doing strange things to entertain people for a while.

The title part was killing me, so I did something I never do:

I started asking people what they thought I should call it.

One night at dinner (at Armettas in Clarks Summit where they have the best hot wing pizza) we starting workshopping names for the blog. So without further adieu, (and I wish there some was some more adieu because some of these are really, really stupid) here’s the list we crafted for potential sleep blog names. Enjoy.

1. There’s Something in Your Pocket  – This was a dream conversation Kev and I had, I’ll explain later.

2. Rearranging Furniture – Kev’s idea, it’s a story for another day but does include some light construction.

3. Sleep Standing – The obvious winner.

4. Shut Up and Go Back to Sleep – A real heart warming conversation we had on our wedding night.

5. Strange Sleep – Kev was all about the “S”s on this blog.

That concludes the part of the list that was semi-good. Now it just gets out of hand.

6. Nighttime Ninja – Not a huge fan of the double Ns, but accurate.

7. Sleep Hulk – We’ve all decided that my role in The Avengers is the Hulk because I really resemble Mark Ruffalo.

8. Cell Bock D: My Body is a Prison – Okay, I might have taken this one too far, but I thought it was catchy.

9. Bedtime Ninja – Here we’re staying away from the alliteration, but being truthful.

10. Unrested Developments – One of my favorites. A serious contender. Still might use this one somewhere, so don’t take it.

11. Disorderly Sleeporderly – I really, really liked this one and I still think it’s absolutely hilarious. Nobody else did.

12. Night Terrace – Get it? Like Night Terrors? Like a spin off of Party of Five..kind of.  I think you’re starting to see which ones I thought of now.

13. Why Am I Standing In My Bed? – You know what you’re getting into.

14. Why Am I Sending Emails to Kelly Clayton at 3 o’clock in the Morning? – This one is specific, but it happened. I also thought it could draw in a young, hip crowd.

15. Melatonin- Dronin – This was Allyson’s idea, and I’ll admit that at first I thought it was pretty stupid. I gave her a real hard time about it, but it’s actually pretty funny. And when I created the Romney-Bot, a character who was a melatonin-drone, it only got funnier.

16. Blog-a-tonin – Maybe this one was funny because it was supposed to sound like melatonin? Can’t be sure, but we were trying hard with the melatonin references, clearly.


I shouldn’t have to tell you what name we went with, or what a ridiculously fun time we had trying to come up with these names. Naming your blog is like naming your child, it has to mean something. It has to be a reflection of personality. And it shouldn’t sound like an admission of guilt, which I know now.

As much as I loved the Party of Five spin-off, Night Terrace, I was the only one who was going to get that joke.

What about you? What’s your favorite? Is there any you like more than Sleep Standing? Is it Disorderly Sleeporderly? I knew it

By the way, if anybody that reads this is into wood working, I’d be the most grateful person ever if you made a sign that says “Night Terrace” that I could hang over my bedroom door. It might do more good than the horse shoe that’s there now.